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Healthcare Privacy, Security Assessment & Planning

VST Health’s security and compliance services are at the forefront of health IT privacy and security, catering to client’s most crucial HIT security and privacy needs. Our services and solutions take on healthcare organizations’ information security and risk management program with a collaborative, standards-based, and compliance-aware approach. Hospitals and healthcare organizations in general are required to maintain a robust security and privacy program in order to ensure top-notch patient care, protect patient data, maintain community confidence, and comply with all federal and state regulations, including HIPAA Security and Privacy rule, and HITECH. VST Health works with you to develop a sustainable risk management plan to ensure that your organization is fully-compliant.

The EHR Evolution

With the rapidly increasing EHR growth and usage, patient information is being shared across organizational, geographical, IT vendor, devices and platform boundaries. This evolution brought along new security and privacy risks that require innovative new strategies to safeguard information in an effective manner. Data compromises by insider staff as well as outsider cybersecurity attacks like ransomware and identity theft schemes have increased across the healthcare IT landscape. At VST Health, we work with healthcare organizations to design effective security and privacy programs that protect against cybersecurity threats, comply with HIPAA and other regulations, empower employees, and protect patients.

Omnibus HIPAA Compliance

We ensure your organization is HIPAA compliant. At VST Health, we carry out an impact assessment, provide a report and some recommendations based on our assessment, and then we prepare a compliance plan that combines immediate remediation and training steps with long-term continuous improvement.

Security and Privacy Risk Analysis

VST Health’s information and network risk analysis compares your organization’s data protection processes to industry standards such as HIPAA and HITECH requirements. After we’ve completed our in-depth analysis, we develop and present a comprehensive report and security remediation plan.

Security Management Services

VST Health specialists help healthcare organizations develop a comprehensive, cost-effective data protection and risk management program. This can include developing written policies and procedures, implementing security control processes, supporting security product selection and implementation, and providing customized training.

Monitoring Services

In order to affirm that privacy and security controls continue to function in a proper manner, VST Health provides remote security monitoring of corporate networks, creating and recording trend information over time.

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