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Software Selection (EHR/EMR)

At VST Health, we’re uniquely focused on helping our valued clients cut through an overwhelming amount of information and steps, to narrow down the best EHR/EMR solution options for their healthcare facilities, at the best price and on the best contract terms.

EHR/EMR Software Selection requires the alignment of people, processes, and technology, along with the understanding of the practice and business model, to ensure that the healthcare facility is selecting the right digital solution that will seamlessly integrate into its culture and support its strategic vision.

Even though there is no one-size-fits-all approach to EHR/EMR adoption, our software selection strategies and processes at VST Health always aim to assist physicians and healthcare executives in making informed decisions about their EHR/EMR software choices.

VST Health’s software selection consultants are completely neutral with regard to vendors and their resellers, and they support clients with profound expertise, efficient tools and extensive experience.

Our Process

Make informed decision

Analyze and determine practice needs

Determine requirements

Select vendor

Assess financial capabilities

Negotiate contract terms

Benefits of an EHR/EMR System

Quality Patient Care

EHR enable clinicians to provide better quality treatment and more accurate diagnosis. The ability for clinicians to have quicker access to accurate and up-to-date patient information normally leads to an increased overall deliverable quality of care. Providers are also able to communicate and handle certain aspects of healthcare for their patients online.

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

EHR enhances the productivity and efficiency of a healthcare facility in various ways. With EHR, the facility is able to automatically coordinate patient visits with the proper examination room, equipment and physician at the right time. Appointments can also be easily be scheduled online, either by the physician or the patient.

Expedited Interoperability

With EHR, healthcare organizations are capable of expeditiously updating a patient’s chart throughout multiple departments and also securely connect with different information systems or applications in a coordinated manner.

Improved Charting and Documentation

One of the key purposes of EHR is to improve the process of charting and documenting patient information. Back in the days, healthcare organizations documented important data using pen and paper, a task very time-consuming and prone to errors. With EHR, the electronic documentation of patient information is done with increased accuracy, reduced errors, and the process of charting is sped up.

Increased Revenue

EHR systems enable health organizations to efficiently manage financial and revenue cycles. Claims can be automatically scrubbed of errors and submitted, and this leads to fewer rejections and faster payments received. Time is money, and EHR systems save physicians and healthcare executives plenty lot of time. Government incentives are also provided for organizations who use EHR and meet meaningful use standards.

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