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Data Warehousing & Analytics

Evidences and reports have shown that there is a rising interest in healthcare data warehousing, thanks to the surging use of EHR systems by hospitals. Considering all of the patient history been stored in EHRs, it is very important that healthcare systems are able to retrieve and analyze data in a timely manner, in order to deliver better care with data prediction.

VST Health provides data warehousing to support timely, accurate analysis and reporting. Our data warehousing provides a stable and secure architecture in which, even the most complex data can be structured and streamlined. With our automated processes, errors in reporting are eliminated and reporting speed is amped up, so issues can be identified and addressed much sooner.


HPC Technology

Our high-performance computation (HPC) technology exploits the speed and processing power of distributed computing and parallel processing. Thanks to this, our proprietary processing platform is able to process enormous data at processing speeds required to achieve the level of correlation and predictive analytics results in a timely and efficient manner.

Why our clients choose us

VST Health helps healthcare organizations analyze their business needs to drive the design of their data warehouse, which includes a solid data model, business intelligence framework, smart database and an efficient data integration architecture so that it is optimal for analytics and business intelligence.

Our highly-scalable, resilient, and failure-resistant data management solution help healthcare organizations avoid costly internal changes to legacy IT infrastructure, and ensure their data retains the high value inherent in their production data sets. Our team is comprised of industry-leading healthcare analytics developers and data scientists that help unveil key insights and set the organization into action.

Our data warehousing services incorporate the following:

Data infrastructure and operations assessment

Data modeling and architecting

Data integration and governance

Information security assurance

Data warehouse migration services

Enterprise data management services

Performance and managed services

Data compilation and reporting management

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