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Digital Marketing Services

Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

VST Health offers full-service digital marketing services and solutions dedicated exclusively to helping healthcare providers and facilities bring in new patients, enhance their reputations as well as maximize their business success. Our clients include, but aren’t limited to hospitals, medical practices, telemedicine companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, mental health care providers, dental and other practices.

We build real digital marketing partnerships with healthcare providers and organizations using data-driven, intelligent marketing solutions with personalized messaging and strategies optimized for the healthcare marketplace. With our specialized healthcare digital marketing strategies, your hospital or healthcare facility is placed right in front of the right people at the right time – which is that very moment they’re ready to book an appointment. Our expert team actively manages your marketing activities and campaigns, and make the most of your budget.

At VST Health, we completely understand the intricacies of marketing for an industry as complex as the healthcare industry. Therefore, from comprehensive and informative content to digital media marketing and patient acquisition, we are available to your organization 24/7/365, to plan, execute, evaluate and optimize strategies to get your practice to your desired target audience and achieve the desired outcome.

Strategic Healthcare Marketing

The healthcare industry is a highly demanding one and it is also constantly evolving, but with our help at VST Health, you can easily navigate the nuances of this ever-changing market. We leverage the power of data and information to come up with integrated marketing strategies that reach and resonate with your target audience, and help your organization make better decisions.

We always lead with strategy while many others jump right into creative execution. Our specialized strategic team is equipped with the right data, strategies and tactics, making it much easier for board members to understand the overall brand strategy. Using multiple media channels, we turn patient consumer insights into creative ideas that engage and compel targeted audiences to act.

Digital Advertising & Paid Media

Our digital marketing specialists have an in-depth expertise and extensive level of experience in programmatic, search, display, and paid social advertising; and with our digital advertising and paid media programs and solutions we are able to reach, acquire and deliver patients pertinent to your practice straight to you, no matter their platform, device, demographics, or geographical location. We determine the right mix of advertising platforms to reach your unique target audience and move them from a website visit to a qualified lead.

VST Health team members are holders of certifications from the top advertising platforms that we use every day to bring in qualified patients to our valuable clients. However, our in-depth skills and extensive experience in managing digital media for medical practices and healthcare organizations in general, are far more advanced and superior than any certification.

Search & Display Network Advertising
Our Search & Display Network Advertising expertise ensure clients reach patients searching for their services on Google, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines. With our Search Engine Marketing (also known as SEM, Pay-Per-Click or PPC) campaign management, client ads are positioned right at the top of Google SERP and other search engines when patients search for keywords or phrases relevant to the services they offer.

In addition to PPC advertising, we often place our clients’ ads on the Google Display Network and other online media. Using display advertising, we’re able to reach prospective patients even when they aren’t actively searching for our clients' services, and we simultaneously build their brand online.

We analyze client competition, recommend an appropriate budget, and create a winning strategy using the right keywords, creatives, ad copy, timing, bidding strategies, and other techniques. Subsequently, we’ll monitor, manage and optimize their campaign during the flight dates to ensure they gain the best possible ROI.
Programmatic Advertising
Our tailored programmatic ad strategies hit the right audience at the right time, for maximum return on investment. At VST Health, we leverage innovative, performance-driven brand and marketplace solutions to connect patients with healthcare providers; and we are dedicated to creating value for our clients by maximizing their marketing ROI. Additionally, our fully-automated and comprehensive proprietary adtech platform enable healthcare marketers to plan seamlessly, execute and measure programmatic ad campaigns in a single platform by themselves or with the help of our expert team.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy from our programmatic advertising campaign services include but aren’t limited to: fully-managed campaigns with proven results and support by our digital marketing experts, access to 60,000+ sites and apps with 70B+ impressions daily, full omnichannel support, access to more than 25,000 audience segments targeting B2C and B2B, behavioral and demographic segmentation of the target audience, geo-fencing and hyperlocal targeting, cross-platform reach, retargeting, brand safety and protection, comprehensive campaign performance and BI reporting, 40% costs saving with flexible pricing and more.
Paid Social Advertising
There are numerous ways to grow your medical practice, and social media is one of them – a very important one at that. As of October 2021, the total number of social media users around the world has been pegged at 4.55 billion. If you want to get noticed on social media, it is a must that you invest in social media advertising. Over the last decade, social media advertising spend has gone up drastically. There has been a significant shift from offline media spending, a decline in organic social, as well as the rise of video ads. Nowadays, not only do the majority of marketing budgets include monies for paid social media-related efforts, the amount of money being spent on said efforts is shooting up.

Whether you want to promote your medical practice and services, or share important information with patients and their families or caregivers on social media, to get these in front of the right audience at the right time, you have to part ways with some money. Paid Social Advertising with VST Health helps your organization take full advantage of the power of social media, and edge over your competitors. We specialize in all types of paid social advertising, however when it comes to getting our healthcare clients optimal results, we perform exceptionally in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest ads. We thrive on creating winning strategies that drive customers to your door.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is undoubtedly one of the most crucial digital marketing strategies that can help you grow your business’ online presence and reach your target audience effortlessly – medical and healthcare SEO is even more crucial, because a single web search could help save a life.

If you are marketing offline and don’t have a strong digital presence you are spending money to drive sales for your competitors. If prospective patients are unable to find you online, there is a high possibility that you’ll lose them to your competitor. Our search engine optimization team makes sure all of your marketing efforts get noticed – by both humans and search engines.

At VST health, we offer a wide range of SEO services that help medical practices and healthcare organizations achieve better search engine rankings, while attracting new patients and retaining more existing patients in the process. With our specialized healthcare SEO services and strategies, your hospital or healthcare organization’s website is sure to organically secure and maintain a top spot on the first page of major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

We have an extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the important role SEO strategies play in any effective digital marketing plan, and we know just how to utilize these strategies to make your practice standout online.

Our SEO Services include:

  • SEO Consultancy
  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis and Monitoring
  • On-page, Off-page, and Technical SEO
  • Content Strategy and Copywriting
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO
  • Ongoing Performance Tracking and Analysis

Social Media Marketing

Social media has completely transformed the way the world communicates with each other and gain information. It has become an integral part of our society, and the main mode of communication for most people. Today, social media is used to stay connected with friends and family, to stay updated with the latest news and current affairs, and to decide where and how to spend money. At VST Health, our social media strategists are trained to help healthcare providers and organizations enhance their social media engagement activities.

Using our strategies, we assist healthcare organizations in engaging effectively with patients and end consumers through different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Our social media tools help clients to communicate, collaborate and engage with patients and end consumers with minimal efforts. When implemented in the right manner, healthcare social media marketing techniques can assist healthcare organizations in building a positive presence on leading social media platforms and establish trust among their patients and end consumers.

Our SMM Services Include:

  • Target market research and persona development
  • Platform selection
  • Strategy and campaign conceptualization
  • SEO practices
  • Content creation across various media
  • Content planning, scheduling, publishing, and management
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Community management
  • Reporting on KPIs and providing insights

Email Marketing

As a healthcare organization, email marketing is another effective and affordable method of finding more patients, end customer, or an increased number of users for your healthcare products and supplies. At VST Health, we help healthcare providers and organizations convert potential leads into permanent clients.

Why Us:

  • We help our clients build opt-in email marketing list
  • Our email marketing specialists offer custom email templates and top-notch copywriting
  • We design professional emails that are aligned with your brand and business goals, to gain your target audience’s attention
  • We make use of advanced strategies to grow your email marketing list
  • Our experts add opt-in and sign-up forms before blasting emails to your patients, clients, vendors, and users
  • We run full analysis on email content needs based on user behavior, location, and requirements
  • We create genius strategies to enhance user engagement

VST Health prioritizes and focuses on understanding your email marketing needs and target audience. We develop conversion-focused email marketing templates and campaigns to boost your sales and revenues. Our email marketing strategists analyze and tracks your campaigns including the number of visits, leads generated, sales, and profits for all email shared with the target audience.

Reputation Management

Managing the online reputation of a healthcare provider or facility has always been a top priority. However, with easy access to the internet and details of a medical practice and the reviews made by patients (both positive and negative), online reputation management has become even more crucial than ever. At VST Health, we have mastered the art of ensuring that you’re always putting your best foot forward with major review sites, in addition to social media and SEO. We monitor, address, and mitigate social media mentions, reviews, and search engine results in order to paint a positive picture of your practice online.

Our reputation management services include:

Proactive Reputation Management:

We help healthcare providers and organizations spread the good word about their practice, experience, positive patient reviews, community good deeds, and other positive information on the Internet.

Reactive Reputation Management:

We help healthcare providers and organizations develop strategies for dealing with negative comments in ways to turn them into something more positive for their business. We do this by responding strategically to negative comments.

Why you need Reputation Management:

A good online reputation can lead to profit increase

It attracts better employees

It helps build trust and credibility

It can help provide patient insights

It helps increase search engine rankings

It can help with conflict resolution

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Coherent and compassionate content development requires organization, expertise, thoughtfulness and empathy, and this is something an expert healthcare content developer already knows. In most cases, healthcare content needs to be patient-centric and deliver the messages, resources, and hope patients need at the right time. Having a clear idea of your brand, market position, culture, and goals, help with creating contents that adheres to your brand and resonates with prospective customers. At VST Health, we take the time to understand your business, goals, and everything in between, so that we can work together to develop a winning content strategy for your organization.

How we help:

  • Content Audits & Assessments
  • Mission & Vision Statements
  • Strategic Storytelling
  • Blog & Articles
  • Service Line Content
  • Email Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • News & Press Releases
  • Video Scripts
  • Podcasts

Website Design & Development

At VST Health, we take pride in creating high-quality bespoke healthcare websites, landing pages and microsites that converts and have a tangible impact on our clients’ growth goals. From visually engaging high-converting website designs, landing pages and marketing materials to user-friendly apps and products, our strategically creative designers know exactly what it takes to capture audience attention. We have created a proven website design and development process that combines our real-world, data-supported marketing insights with our in-depth technical expertise and extensive experience, to produce websites that amplifies visibility, win new prospects, and grow clients’ businesses.

We understand everything about how the healthcare industry works; this makes us the ideal partner to help healthcare organizations get the most out of their web properties while they focus on filling their sales funnel as they traditionally have. Our websites deliver results both instantly and over time as they are not only built to convert prospects that are ready to patronize our clients’ services, but to also foster those in the consideration or research stage by building trust and showcasing expertise.

Conversion-Focused Bespoke Design

High Performance

Secured and HIPAA Compliant

Strategic and Business-Aligned Messaging

Easy-to-Use CMS

Top-Notch Copywriting

Search Engine Optimized

Unrivalled support

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