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Legacy Systems Transition

When healthcare organizations are transitioning to new EHRs and other HIT systems, managing existing legacy systems become a primary concern for HIT departments. Transitioning from a legacy system to a new technology always has to be seamless and without any interruption. Patient care and overall hospital operations cannot be compromised or interrupted, and federal HIPAA and JCAHO compliance must be upheld at all cost, before, during and after the new implementation.

Traditional systems which served a great purpose and rendered great business value at one point of time have turned into outdated legacy applications today. Patch-up strategy is commonly implemented with the aim to achieve short-term business gains, but this creates incompatibilities. Patch-up strategy significantly restricts the organization’s ability to scale or extend the functionality of existing systems.

Legacy Systems Transition is the way forward, and we provide this service so graciously at VST Health. Healthcare organizations have different legacy system requirements that ranges from getting their existing applications revamped, to changing their system architecture for easier maintenance and scalability. With our deep expertise and extensive experience of legacy system transitioning, we enable healthcare organizations to seamlessly transition and make systems, people and processes modern, efficient, and future ready.

What VST Health can do for your organization

  • Leverage our onshore service desk operations to support your organization’s legacy system and/or the replacement system.
  • Move all or part of your organization’s legacy system operation off-site, including hosting the current hardware platform.
  • Take up interim responsibility for your organization’s IT operations by assigning an expert to manage your legacy systems and support transition.
  • Design and lead your overall legacy system transition plan.

Contact us today to learn more about VST Health’s Legacy Systems Transition services.