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Medical Billing, Coding & Revenue Cycle Management

HIT Certifications & Training

Digital Marketing Services

Managed Cloud Hosting & Support

From planning and migration to management and modernization, we work with our clients in every phase of their cloud strategy. We support and help them adapt to changing conditions as they occur so they can relish the benefits of their digital transformation and keep the business running. We mostly work with our clients on a long-term basis, and render our services using our experienced, highly-trained and committed team, so that our clients can have their peace of mind, knowing they have a fully reliable partner.

A lot of hospitals and healthcare organizations in general are revisiting their cloud strategies and digital transformation efforts, which is extremely critical to their growth and staying ahead of the curve. Whether private cloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud, or multi-cloud environments, healthcare organizations are focused on agility, flexibility, resilience, security, disaster recovery, cost and resource optimization, with access to infrastructure and application-level support. This is why they turn to VST Health for next-generation managed cloud hosting and support services to help them transform and move their business forward.

24/7/365 Support

Because your top priority is keeping your operations running smoothly, VST Health’s Integrated Operations Center is always available to provide support, and we are only dedicated to the commitment that the systems we host and manage perform above expectation. All of our clients are valuable to us, and supporting every one of them and making their cloud requirements work seamlessly together, and treating each one of them like our only client are some of our key strengths.

You get to benefit from our round-the-clock comprehensive product, technical, and problem-solving expertise. It does not matter when you need our assistance, we’ll be right there for you, with real-time support for your real-time enterprise.

Disaster Recovery

From natural disasters which can disrupt operations for days, to hackers and ransomware which can infiltrate systems, healthcare organizations face constant threats to data security. The most common cause of disasters like power outages, hardware errors and human errors, are the most unpredictable and can account for the most downtime. With VST health’s disaster recovery plan tailored to address your facility’s specific requirements, your healthcare business is fully protected.

We possess in-depth expertise and extensive experience in managing disaster recovery, private, public, hybrid and multi-clouds, and IT services for our clients’ most mission-critical applications and data. VST health’s team of engineers are very knowledgeable on how to design the system to meet your recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives.

Contact us today to learn more about VST Health’s Managed Cloud Hosting & Support services.