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EHR Optimization

EHR implementation starts an entirely new journey in an organization which subsequently leads to better patient care, higher efficiencies and improved ROI. However, in many cases during the implementation, the need to quickly launch the system results in a rushed implementation of basic functionality and ready-made workflows. Due to this, there is usually insufficient time to review existing issues and identify ways to improve processes, and the existing issues are transferred into the new system.

At VST Health, we understand the importance of EHR optimization to healthcare organizations, when it comes to the long-term use of the EHR system. Optimization of the system will always be necessary due to factors like compliance & regulatory changes, advancements in medical treatment, addition of new specialties, and more. Whether it is a new or existing EHR system, for effective optimization, experts such as ours with clinical, operational and technical experience will be required to review your EHR system and workflows to develop an optimization plan.

VST Health experts will take a deep-dive into your processes and systems to find the issues. We work with your stakeholders to thoroughly evaluate and prioritize the optimization efforts for each functional area and develop a process and a plan.

EHR Optimization services we offer:

Our team at VST Health possess extensive experience with proven methodologies that will maximize the efficiency of your EHR system, your staff, and your return on investment. With our optimization services, we will address problem areas, new or unused functionality, co-worker training, usability, adoption, and much more. Our EHR optimization services are as follows:


Process Redesign

Workflow Assessment

System Enhancements

System Adoption

Revenue Cycle Improvement

Organizational Change Management

Process Improvement

Contact us today to learn more about VST Health’s EHR Optimization services.